Meticulously Wrapped Aluminum Wire Sculptures by Seung Mo Park

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Daereungwon, or Tumuli Park, Gyeongju, South Korea. 

"There are twenty-three large tombs located here; the most famous being Cheonmachong and Hwangnamdaechong. In an excavation of the area in the 1970’s, Cheonmachong was discovered with a painting of mounted horse. This painting is the only discovered painting from the Silla Era. You can also view the inside of Cheonmachong. There are 11,526 remains and crowns of the king inside the tomb demonstrating the lavish lifestyle of the king. Another tourist attraction is Hwangnamdaechong, which is the largest ancient tomb. It houses the bodies of both the king and queen and has over 30 thousand relics and gold accessories. You can feel the ancient culture of Korea 1,500 years ago when visiting these tombs."

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들어맞다- совпадать, попадать в цель

가치가 있다- стоить, заслуживать 

무시하다- пренебрегать 

*новое значение:

*달려있다- a) зависеть

**생기다- a) приобретать 

들어맞다- be correct; prove right

가치가 있다- be worth, repay

무시하다- disregard, neglect

*new meaning:

*달려있다- a) depend upon

**생기다- a) get

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Maehwa-tteok, Korean rice cake (Photo by Jilsiru) 


Maehwa-tteok, Korean rice cake (Photo by Jilsiru) 

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해치우다- finish (up) 

끝장내다- end; conclude

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해치우다- успешно выполнить, справиться

끝장내다- доводить до конца 

살아오다- доживать, жить 
달래다- успокаивать, утешать  
주의를 기울이다- обращать внимание 

  • 주의-внимание
  • 기울이다-сосредотачивать 

혼잣말하다- разговаривать самому с собой 
끓이다- волноваться о

살아오다-live, make it through 
달래다- soothe, calm 
주의를 기울이다- pay attention

  • 주의-care, caution
  • 기울이다-concentrate on 

혼잣말하다- talk to oneself 
끓이다- worry about

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